Stadiumred - Recording Studios In NYC

Stadiumred is a group of companies all connected through music and the arts. Stadiumred Studios started in 2007 as a single studio and grew to become the 5 Recording Studios in NYC we have today. The facility and our Engineers & Producers are associated with 22 Grammy Nominations and 12 Grammy Wins across multiple genres of music. The studios are home to Grammy Winning Engineers and Producers like Just Blaze and Omen.

The creation of Stadiumred Music was a logical next step. The team at Stadiumred saw a huge gap in the careers of developing artists & DJs. Therefore, working directly with Artists, DJs & Producers in a collaborative relationship would help greatly to reduce this gap. Providing management, career development and marketing services while working hand-in-hand throughout the production process becomes mutually beneficial allowing artists to be artists and the business left to the business side.

Stadiumred Life is the events and marketing division of Stadiumred. Focused on creating unique lifestyle event experiences by pairing major brands with the arts. The company handles all marketing and branding efforts across the Stadiumred group of companies. This includes pairing top-level brands with the best of the art, fashion, music and media. The company creates, curates and runs events around the world from a Pop-Up Studio in the heart of Amsterdam to The Recording Academy’s Official 2014 Grammy Viewing Party at Marquee Nightclub in New York City.

The creation of Stadiumred Music Publishing also came about along with the organic growth of the Stadiumred companies. Stadiumred Publishing makes a connection between the artist, their work and content placement around the world. The concept is simple, sign great the great music of up & coming artists and producers to a music synchronization license ("sync" for short). The license allows Stadiumred and partners "sync" music with some kind of visual media output (film, television shows, advertisements, video games, accompanying website music, movie trailers, etc.) without interfering with the potential release of the work.

Stadiumred Live is the newest company in the group with a focus on software development. This newest company will focus on the future of music creation and enjoyment. The synergy between the companies allows them to work together towards a common goal of making a difference in the arts.